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Hi there, I am Mary Lannigan - and hiring someone to work with you to make your wedding amazing is a big deal, so you should probably see if you like me first!  Here is a bit about me:

I am a university trained designer (B. Env. Design, Architecture) and teacher (Grad. Dip. Ed... comes in handy for those workshops). I fell into floristry after some wonderful couples loved my style (I worked with them on their invitations) and pushed me to do floristry education because they wanted me to be their wedding florist. I am forever indebted to those couples for helping me discover my true passion. 

I absolutely love my job. I think I am addicted to the late nights and early mornings setting up weddings, and getting to work with people on the best day of their lives is truly a privilege.  I would have a different hair colour every week if I had the time and if my hairdresser wouldn't tell me off about it (at the moment it is simple and brown just in case you are on the look-out for me!).

I had no clue what to name my business and just having it as my name didn't seem quite right! I worked at a place where there was another Mary so I was known as Mary L and from this Marielle Studio was born!

That's enough about me, I want to hear about you and your exciting event - get in contact here! I can't wait to meet you!