What do you actually do?

I plan, style and create anything needed for your wedding ceremony and reception (or any other event) - from invitations to flowers, signage and setup on the day, I will do it all! I absolutely love creating custom items so get me on board for all of those special touches for your special day. I am also here to take the stress away from your planning and make sure you enjoy the planning process!

My mum/friend/cousin said they will set up everything

If your friend or cousin is a perfectionist who you can 100% rely on, then you could go for it. BUT, make sure this is a person who you are ok with being completely preoccupied with setting up, organising and working to be completely present for your special day. Remember, this is one of the biggest days of your life and it can put your mind at ease to have a professional with you every step of the way!

My venue has a planner included in the package

Many venues have great planners. However, they are not stylists and once you look over your contract you will probably find that they may set up tables, chairs and cutlery, but that's it. Any other elements you want on your day need to be done by someone else. I cover EVERYTHING to do with your day and make sure that it is perfect, as I work for you and not the venue. It is often essential to have someone who works solely for you there to ensure that you get what you want. Many a time I have prevented venues from putting out stained and unironed table linen that would ruin the special aesthetic you have worked so hard for.

Where are you located and will you travel?

I am based in Perth, but will travel ANYWHERE for your special day (someone take me to New York please!)

How do I book you?

Fill in the contact form on my contact page and I will be in touch!

How does your pricing work?

As every wedding day is different, costs vary. To give you an idea, the average Marielle Studio wedding fee (based on 50 guests) is $6000. This includes Event Styling, Flowers and Invitations.

What sort of weddings do you enjoy working on most?

I LOVE working with couples who want something different. Something that reflects them as a couple rather than replicating things they have seen online or at other people's weddings. I like to be adventurous and love to hear people say "I was thinking of doing this, but I'm not sure if it is possible" I promise that your entire day will be amazing, especially if you go for something wild and out of the box!


Any other questions? Shoot me an email to hello@mariellestudio.com or fill in the form on our contact page!